Malik Riaz Hussain
Malik Riaz Hussain

Chairman Bahria Town in Pakistan

Malik Riaz Hussian is a famous Pakistani businessman and he took an effort to make a great economic and other common social development to cut down overall poverty. He is a famous entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. Apart from that, he is well known and familiar real estate developer. Malik has believes that the future is based on social media and other economic inside society. On the other hand, he works hard to increase the challenge of times the full gap among the rich and poor.

Chairman of Bahria Town in Pakistan

Malik Riaz Hussain


Malik Riaz Hussain handles different projects which involved in turned out also become famous as tireless advocator in Pakistan. As advocators, he reforms social as well as the contributor of Charity companies and other events. At the same time, he is much interested in following the novel way of business and another project which helps to meet great benefits. Malik Riaz established 12 towns in a different part of Pakistan and he starts offering free food for the 150, 0000 twice a day. With the help of the hard work, his build chain of the hospital and recently he established 3 hospitals with the presence of all common equipment and other medical systems. Almost the three hospitals have 24 hours emergency service for the various categories such as open-heart emergency service, n bone marrow and much more. Mobile medical experts offer free service to the patient who is poor and brought from the village and localities since the year 1996.


He awarded as Businessman of the Year 2008 by the Rawalpindi chamber of commerce. He is much interested in real estate development and he wishes to make a business of his own in a younger age itself. He started is work with the PKR 1, 5000 which was borrowed from his close friends. With a contract from the Military engineering service, he began his career. Malik Riaz works hard and entertains the contract and also the vision which lets to improve the Bahria town. It is one of the biggest private real estate developments in Asia.

National builder:

He builds a Bahria town project in Pakistan which is Asian biggest private real estate. This town has a stunning masterpiece with the presence of all important amenities so the people can simply enjoy staying with more comfort at any time. Apart from that, he wants to develop his real estate by offering awareness to the people. In this part, he recognized as an industry in the part of Pakistan. This town lunched by motivating the fresh foreign investment and it has fresh technologies that are well-practiced by the expert urban developers in the country.

Disaster management:

Malik Riaz always provides an immediate response to the community and almost he supports the nation at the time of the calamities and unfortunate incidents such as floods, earthquakes, and fire at Marriott hotel. He assists to get relief teams where you can reach out and victims of the earthquake. He has 5 relief camps and tent cities to deliver the goods worth 100 million. Also, he established a medical camp in the swab and helped more than 30, 0000 patients. He activates fleet service to reach a fire disaster at the Thakkar Plaza and another commercial center.

Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Hussain

(Chairman – Bahria Town in Pakistan)

Bahria Town Projects

Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is a privately owned gated neighbourhood under construction in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The development by the Bahria Town Group occupies under 46,000 acres, just off the Super Highway.

Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Bahria Town Limited. is an Islamabad-based privately owned real-estate development company which owns, develops and manages properties across Pakistan.

Bahria Town Lahore

The great city of Lahore, where the historical cultural centre of Pakistan is greatly treasured for its historical assets, urbanization has already converted its image…

Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar is an upcoming addition to the Bahria Town real estate portfolio. It is a good opportunity for Peshawar residents to enjoy one of Pakistan’s finest and well-planned housing communities.

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Malik Riaz Hussain
Malik Riaz
Malik Riaz Hussain
Malik Riaz
Malik Riaz